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AIM: colopriority
IRC EFnet - #PriorityColo

Please note that courtesy contacts are unofficially maintained contact methods, to allow convenient communication with Priority Colo staff. They should not be exclusively relied upon for sales, support, or when requiring a time sensitive response. Please keep this in mind when utilizing these contacts.

Emergency Pager

Please note this address is for emergency use only, any abuse of this address may result in your email/email servers being blocked, denial of other support services, and/or account termination without refund. DO NOT use this address as a contact unless your services or server is down. Support requests sent to this address are billed at our posted expedited support rate.

All pages containing URL's (http://), or images will be automatically, and silently rejected by our mail system, please send *only* text based e-mail pages.



Facility Location - Tor1

151 Front Street West
Toronto, Ontario
M5J 2N1, Canada

Facility Location - Tor2

Hwy 404 & Hwy 7
Markham, Ontario

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Priority Colo Inc.
28 Coe Hill Dr.
Toronto, Ontario
M6S 3C8, Canada