Colo 4

General Specifications
Bandwidth 2.5 MBPS (95th Percentile)
IPv4 Addresses Free up to /29 (8 IPs, 5 usable)
IPv6 Addresses /48 Upon Request
Space Tolerance 8U
APC (Power) Ports 1
Switch Ports 1
Uptime Guarantee 99.99%
Remote Reboot Port Yes
Available Port Speeds 10mbps, 100mbps, 1000mbps
Setup time Within 24 Hours
Contract No - Month to Month
Setup Fee $0.00 Change Currency
Paid Monthly $ Change Currency
Paid Semi‑Annually $ Change Currency
Paid Annually $ Change Currency
Purchase Order Package

    Upgrade/Addtional Options

    95 Percentile Bandwidth

    100 Megabit Commitment$950.00/mo.
    50 Megabit Commitment$600.00/mo.
    25 Megabit Commitment$400.00/mo.
    10 Megabit Commitment$250.00/mo.

    Additional Network Ports

    Additional GIG-E Port$15.00/mo.

    Backup Space

    1000GB Space$80.00/mo.
    500GB Space$60.00/mo.
    250GB Space$40.00/mo.
    100GB Space$20.00/mo.

    Control Panel

    cPanel License (300 user)$50.00/mo.
    cPanel License (200 user)$40.00/mo.
    cPanel License (100 user)$35.00/mo.
    cPanel VPS License (50 user)$25.00/mo.
    cPanel VPS License (30 user)$17.50/mo.
    DirectAdmin License$15.00/mo.
    cPanel VPS License (5 user)$12.50/mo.
    DirectAdmin VPS License$7.50/mo.

    IPv4 Address Space

    /28 block (16 IP's, 13 usable)$16.00/mo.
    /29 block (8 IP's, 5 usable)$8.00/mo.

    KVM over IP

    KVM over IP Port$10.00/mo.

    Operating System Licenses

    Cloudlinux License$12.50/mo.

    Overage Bandwidth

    Above Allocation (per mbps)$10.00/mo.

    Remote Hands/Feet

    Expedited/Emergency (Per Hour)$125.00Setup
    Regular Rate (Per Hour)$60.00Setup