Full Cabinet

General Specifications
Bandwidth Purchased Separately
IPv4 Addresses Free up to /26 (64 IPs, 61 usable)
IPv6 Addresses /48 Upon Request
Space Tolerance 44U Enclosed Cabinet
Switch Ports 1
Uptime Guarantee 99.99%
Power Circuit Includes 20A 115VAC UPS protected Circuit (4 outlets)
Available Port Speeds 10mbps, 100mbps, 1000mbps
Private Backup Link Free W/Purchase of backup space
Setup time Within 72 Hours
Contract Yes - 1 Year Term
Design Capacity 4.8kva
Setup Fee Contact Us
Paid Monthly
Paid Semi‑Annually
Purchase sales@prioritycolo.com

    Upgrade/Addtional Options

    100 Megabit Commitment
    50 Megabit Commitment
    25 Megabit Commitment
    10 Megabit Commitment

    Additional Access Cards (Per Card)

    Additional GIG-E Port

    1000GB Space
    500GB Space
    250GB Space
    100GB Space

    cPanel License (300 user)
    cPanel License (200 user)
    cPanel License (100 user)
    cPanel VPS License (50 user)
    cPanel VPS License (30 user)
    cPanel VPS License (5 user)

    /26 block (64 IP's, 61 usable)
    /27 block (32 IP's, 29 usable)
    /28 block (16 IP's, 13 usable)
    /29 block (8 IP's, 5 usable)

    KVM over IP Port

    Cloudlinux License

    Above Allocation (per mbps)

    20A/120v Dedicated Circuit
    [ Tor1 - 20A/120v Primary Circuit ]

    20A/120v Secondary (+B) Circuit
    [ Tor1 - 20A/120v Secondary (+B) Circuit ]

    Expedited/Emergency (Per Hour)
    Regular Rate (Per Hour)